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Music has always been phenomenal, so much that man cannot really unravel it all. It soothes the soul, can be a force to unite opposing sides and even make the worst of enemies become best friends. In the past few centuries, music has provided an avenue for people to earn a living and musicians have turned into high-profile personalities who are being celebrated across their countries, continents and the world at large. Music is also so flexible that one can create and popularise a certain genre almost by oneself, so today, there are several genres of music and each of them has several artists trying to push it out to the world. One of these artists is Kel Smooth.

Kel Smooth is an American musician who specializes in the genre of music called rap and he also writes songs. Although he may not be as popular as some famous rappers who we have come to know and celebrate, he sure has worked so hard to get to the level of success he has currently attained.

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Jon Richardson is an English Comedian who is famous for being in the comedy panel game 8 Out of 10 Cats and 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown. He is also known for being a co-host on BBC 6 Music with Russell Howard.

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Known as the woman who took the New Zealand theatre world by surprise, Dianna Fuemana was the first woman in her country who challenged the country’s theatre industry where men were mostly in charge by holding a one-woman stage production called Mapaki in 1999. She is a Canadian-New Zealand scriptwriter, stage performer, filmmaker, and a media personality.

Dianna is one of the few women in the world today who stood their ground against their male counterparts, she is an intelligent woman whose story has inspired young girls across the globe to become whatever they want to be no matter who they are up against. She definitely has left a mark in the New Zealand entertainment industry with her determination and hard work, there is no doubt that Fuemana will be remembered in the country for years to come. To learn more about this Dianna, read her profile below.

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Gaming guru Faze Apex has earned a prestigious spot on the tech space for his incredible exploits. As the co-founder of the famous gaming group Faze Clan, the ace league game player has earned great popularity in the gaming world and has pulled in a lot of fans comprising of adolescents and adults in the process. Since joining the Faze House in 2014, it has been one success story or the other for Apex. Although he prefers to be discreet about his identity, we would give you some very interesting facts about the gamer.

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Every lover of the American football knows and quite understands why the job of a running back is regarded as the toughest job on the field. For a running back, every minute counts, and to be able to hunt the ball down at the shortest minute possible, he must be agile, strong, and of course, fast in terms of speed. If you want to consider how these qualities work out, the likes of Wendell Smallwood of the Philadelphia Eagles would be just a perfect example. Here’s all you need to know about the American football player.

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Gregg Marshall is an American college basketball coach who has been helping aspiring professional basketball players hone their skills in preparation for the biggest stage which is the NBA. Following years serving as an assistant coach at Randolph–Macon, Belmont Abbey, College of Charleston, and Marshall, Gregg Marshall got his first head coach job in 1998 at Winthrop. Marshall has set many records with the side and continues to improve his resume as the head coach of Wichita State University where he began coaching from 2007.

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Tammy Townsend was born to entertain; she has been gracing our screens since the mid-1980s and so far, she’s performed well above average. Fans of the NBC sitcom Days of Our Lives would definitely remember her for her unforgettable role as a single mother, Wendy Reardon. In recent years, she is more popular for portraying the character of Kira Cooper, the mother of K.C. Cooper – the lead role played by the beloved Zendaya in the Disney Channel series, K.C. Undercover. Follow through her career progression over the years as you also discover some facts about her personal life.

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